I am not sure yet what this blog will be. But, I have been longing to write about music, books and life so I think a blog is a good place to start doing such a thing. During my turbulent teen years I used to write, play music, and listen to music all the time. Even with a 40 hour a week high school schedule I managed to do a lot of it. But, I could usually write during my classes and still do well in school, I can’t do that so much now that I actually get paid for my 40 hour work week versus being forced to attend it by law. My point, I’m trying to get back in to writing, talking about writing, listening to and talking about music. However, I like many things and who knows how I’ll narrow down what I will chat you up about.┬áToday, more than other days, I realized I am impatient and indecisive so I probably won’t be narrowing my blog down to a particular subject anytime soon.

Speaking of indecisive, I’ll go over some of my likes and hobbies. I love music, books, words, photography, crafts, creating things, aquaria, and baking. I also enjoy things to be clean and organized. Yes, that is a ‘like’ and sometimes a hobby. There are other things I like, randomly but I sometimes forget about them. I worry too much, I’m sometimes afraid of social situations, I enjoy being silly and other folks who will be awkward and silly with me.

I work in an office, in an educational institution with really smart people who sometimes can’t figure out how to use stamps (yes, that happened). I own a home (for better or worse) with my husband and we have two cats, a fish tank and a neglected neighbor dog we pet through the fence and save on windy days when she gets out of her yard. So as you can tell, my life is pretty exciting and I will become famous through this blog.

I will remain fairly anonymous on this blog because I may want to talk about the hilarious things that happen at work or in my life without having the folks involved complain about my writing about them. But, I’m not going through painstaking efforts because I don’t plan to talk about things anyone would really care about that would involve national secrets or anything that would get me fired from a job or subject me to public shame and scandal. Ooooh scandal!

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